Baby Travel Tips

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Hi Y’all. I wanted to write about how we survived a 3 ½ hour plane ride with a 5 ½ month old. (Honestly, it wasn’t that bad!) I found some super helpful tricks and I wanted to share them with you other mom’s and dad’s out there.

Tips and Tricks:

Pacifier holders- Buy some pacifier holders and clip the toys to your baby! This prevents the baby from throwing toys and you attempting to find them on the “clean” floor.

Pacifier clips

Overnight diaper- We packed a couple of night time diapers with us and changed E right before we got on the plane so that the diaper could absorb a lot more and we could try and avoid a possible blowout. (We successfully avoided)

Nursing/bottles- When the plane takes off and you start to descend make sure to either nurse or bottle feed your little one. This will help pop their ears so that they aren’t in pain. Even sucking a binky may help since their jaw is moving.

Toys- If your child/baby is older buy them a new toy so that they can have something they’ve never played with before. I bought emmie, Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center, we stuck it to the window and she had a blast!

Sassy Wonder Wheel

Blanket- I brought a receiving blanket for E and it came in handy. The plane is chilly and this helped her snuggle up.

Car seat carrying case- We bought the J.L. Childress Backpack Padded Car Seat Travel Bag. This specific one was a backpack style and helped us carry it through the airport. Also, I recommend checking it at the gate, this allows for less of an opportunity of getting damaged.

J.L. Childress Link

Clorox wipes- Trust me the plane is not clean and your baby will be touching everything. We made sure to wipe everything down so that if she touched it we wouldn’t have to worry about constantly cleaning her hands.

Ergo Baby- Baby wear! This freed up our hands so much and was a lot easier than lugging E around on our hip. This will also free up the stroller (if you’re bringing one) and you can put bags in it.


**Breastmilk- you can bring breastmilk through security, they just have to check it if it’s above a certain number of ounces. The flight attendants also took the bottle and heated it up in hot water for us. They were very accommodating you just have to ask.

Relax! Don’t forget to relax; your baby will do just fine. If he/she starts to cry it’s okay. Things do happen and people will understand. Chances are you won’t be the only one with a baby on the plane. The babies can sing the song of their people together!

6 Replies to “Baby Travel Tips”

  1. Great tips! I traveled with my little one when he was 2 months and was so thankful that he slept most of the way. I definitely recommend the bottle when taking off and landing! 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing! I’m expecting my little one any day now and my in-laws are planning a Florida vacation. This will definitely be helpful!

  3. A lot of people don’t know they can bring breastmilk in bottles through security so it’s a good thing you shared that!

  4. The carseat cover is a lifesaver! I traveled alone with my son, by plane, often his first three years of life. I would wear him on the front, and use the same cover you recommended and sling over my shoulder to the gate. It was the only way we could do it! Great list 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing. This is so helpful for me. I am traveling with my 1 month old tomorrow and I have also been planning on doing my own take on traveling with a baby. There are so many blogs on this topic but I like hearing the different suggestions.

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