MOMents like these

I had the sweetest moment with my baby girl this morning. I was getting ready for work and usually Emersyn will get up in time for me to give her love before I head out, but today she slept in. (11 hours! Woohoo) I got ready hoping she would wake up so that I could get my morning snuggles, I checked the monitor and she was still sound asleep holding her lovey. I decided to go and pick her up to give her snuggles, maybe slightly hoping to wake her up in the process. (I know, why wake a sleeping baby.)  I carefully slid my hands under her and wrapped her in a blanket, I sat in her glider and just snuggled her. She was still sound asleep. I absolutely love moments like this. I just sat in her dark room with her heartbeat sound machine in the background and rocked her.  Taking in every little feature on her sweet face, tracing her nose and cheeks with my finger. I can’t help but feel this overwhelming love that I have for her. It’s moments like these that I am so grateful to have been blessed with this sweet and joyous little baby. Listening to her breathe and smile in her sleep is worth more than getting to work early. Holding her for even just 10 minutes before I head out gives me all the energy I need for the day. It’s moments like these that I forget about all the times I question if I’m doing this whole parenting thing right. I would trade all of my “free” time for moments like these. I know as mom’s we are in a constant mode of needing to get things done, but I know I can speak for almost every mom when I say that those “things” can wait when it comes to spending even just a few extra minutes with your little loves. Sometimes I wonder why I was chosen to be her mom. This little girl is so unique and shows so much love already. She is such a happy and sweet baby girl and I question how we got so lucky to have her. What did I do right in my life for God to give me her? Emersyn was a surprise baby, her daddy and I had just graduated college and we moved into our first place together.  Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if the stars hadn’t aligned perfectly. I never think about anything good though, I always think about how lonely and sad life would be without her. She is the greatest blessing that has ever happened to us and we pray every day thanking Him for this precious soul we were trusted with. So momma’s hold on tight to your sweet babies and maybe if enough of us ask for it, time will slow down even just for a few minutes.

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  1. Awww what a sweet post, I know exactly how you feel. I am in awww of how much love I have for both my kiddos. I remember the middle of the night feedings and wake up calls with my son, I loved those moments, because it was just me and him and we could have all the snuggles in the world. I felt the same with my daughter. While others complain about those middle of the night calls, I LOVE them!!!

  2. What a sweet post. Baby snuggles are the best and moms aren’t lying when we say it goes by so fast. It really does. I was just looking at my daughter today (who’s 4) and I swear that she was just a baby the other day. Get all the snuggles in that you can. You’ll never regret the extra time spent.

  3. I loved reading this!! I love the moments when my baby girl is asleep and snuggled in my arms! They are absolutely the best….they are fewer as my baby girl approaches a year.

    1. Everyone keeps telling me that as they get older the snuggles and quiet time gets shorter. I’m trying to indulge in all the snuggles she’ll let me have. Part of our night time routine is bath and snuggles before bed, she loves it and so do I!

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