You Know You’re A Mom…

Hi Y’all! I hope you’re having a great week so far. I came up with a list that I feel is true for almost every momma out there.


You’re probably a mom if:

  1. Your coffee is always cold
  2. You have to heat said coffee up several times
  3. You may or may not have spit up/ milk/baby food on you at some point during the day
  4. Your kid dresses cuter than you do
  5. You spend more money on your kids clothes than on yours
  6. Scratch that you spend more money on your kid(s) than on yourself
  7. You get your hair pulled daily
  8. You have perfected the mom hair don’t care look
  9. You have more baby/kid talk during the day than adult conversations
  10. You have changed more diapers than you thought possible
  11. You have been pooped/peed on (surely this isn’t just me)
  12. Leaving the house involves 30 trips back inside because you forgot something
  13. You use snapchat filters to entertain your kid (okay, it entertains me more)
  14. You are constantly saying, “no, don’t eat that”
  15. The only time you have to sit down and read a book, the book usually involves pictures
  16. Your dinner is usually cold
  17. Your kid/baby shares their half-eaten food with you, and you eat it to show them sharing is caring
  18. You’re constantly hoping that you’re doing a good job, and your kid turns out to be a decent/caring human being
  19. You think your baby/kid does the funniest things
  20. You stare at your baby/kid and wonder how you got so lucky

7 Replies to “You Know You’re A Mom…”

  1. #17! The other day I realized that I actually just ate food she spit out and did not have second thoughts. Then I kept thinking “what have I just done?” Being a mom; it’s almost grosser than being a nurse!

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