Working Mom Struggle

Hi Y’all. It’s been a little while since I’ve sat down and just wrote my thoughts down. It has been an absolutely crazy month! We went to Mexico, got married, and are currently in the process of moving into our home. There has been a topic weighing heavy on my heart for some time now. It affects many parents and I know I’m definitely not alone. It was an easy decision that I would be going back to work after I had sweet Em. This decision was not made because I didn’t want to be a stay at home mom; this decision came easily because we aren’t currently in a place that being a stay at home mom is possible. My husband is an engineer downtown and I’m a senior associate at an ecommerce company. We just turned 24 and 25 with our new careers and a brand new baby. We wanted to buy our very own home and in order to do that we both needed to be working. Providing for my baby girl is my number one priority. If working meant I could provide all of the things she needed than I would do it. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that our society doesn’t take into consideration the working mom’s and dad’s out there. I wanted to enroll Em into baby music or gym class, a mommy and me class. I searched and searched and come up empty. There are tons of classes offered in our community but none of them are in the evening after work or on the weekends. I felt left out, I felt like I was taking something away from my little girl because she has two parents that work. I tried to go through our church but the only times they have mommy and me are during the week on Wednesday’s at 10AM. How is this okay? Why isn’t there any type of establishment that specifically has a working mom or dad in mind?

I see on Instagram all of these stay at home momma’s enjoying activities, classes, and each other, and I’m envious. I think I’m more envious that they get to spend all of their time with their littles. I do feel like I should say that I don’t think that being a stay at home mom is easy by any means. My mom was a stay at home mom until my sister’s and I were in school. It is hard work that never ends. A lot of mom’s and dad’s give up a career they worked hard for in order to take care of their kiddos. I commend you.

In an ideal world I would get to spend hours and hours with my girl. I would get to love on her all day, play and give snuggles during nap time. I feel like I’m missing out on half of her life, I’m living her day through pictures and videos I get from my mom. It’s hard being away from her and I think it has made leaving her on the weekends even just few a few hours even harder. She’s almost 10 months and I feel like the feeling of missing out won’t stop anytime soon.

I think the mommy and me class sparked all of these feelings not because I was dead set on getting into a class, but upset that I can’t do fun things will my little love during the day. The class was just another thing I was missing out on with Em. Maybe this will get easier as she gets older, I’m not sure. But leaving that sweet girl every morning breaks my heart.

All of you working Momma’s and daddy’s out there, do you struggle with the same thing? Stay at home momma’s and daddy’s please feel free to put your opinion in here. There may be things that you feel are catered to working parents too!

Motherlove Diaper Balm

Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for a review; however, my review is 100% my honest opinion.

Hi Y’all! Does anyone else’s baby have a red bum almost every day? Ever since Emersyn was little she gets a little red bum at least once a day, especially now since she switched to solids. We have tried countless products and the only one that seems to work is a concoction that the doctor had us make. Only downside is there are so many chemicals in that concoction. Like I have said many times before, I try to be as aware as I can be of what I’m putting on my baby. If you read my blog than you know that I recently tried the Motherlove More Milk Plus. As I mentioned in that blog post, this company has tons of products which also include a diaper balm. I figured if their More Milk Plus works, I’m sure all of their other products will too! When I looked at the ingredients it was a no brainer that I wanted to try the Motherlove Diaper Balm. There are exactly seven ingredients, and of those seven ingredients four of them are certified organic. I was sold; I had to give it a shot!


When I received my diaper balm, it was packed so beautifully in a blue drawstring bag. I immediately opened it and started using it on Emersyn’s hiney. The next diaper change her booty wasn’t as red and by the second diaper change there was no more red hiney! Y’all a natural diaper rash cream that works, I didn’t think that was possible.


Also, all of the cloth diaper momma’s out there, this diaper balm is safe to use! There is no zinc oxide in this diaper cream so it won’t ruin the fibers in the cloth diaper.

And of course knowing me, I researched this product and found that people have used the Motherlove Diaper Balm to treat thrush!! Several women put this diaper balm on their nipples before breastfeeding and it helped stop the passing of the thrush back and forth from baby to mom. (All of these ingredients are safe to ingest!)

I love that we live in a time where there are safe products for us to put on our babies, and on top of that safe products that works. If you still haven’t checked out the Motherlove website, just simply click this link ( Motherlove) and go explore. There are so many good products and a great staff ready to answer any questions you may have.

**This company is cruelty free!


The ingredients include: extra virgin olive oil*, beeswax*, oregon grape root, myrrh gum, yarrow herb*, calendula flower* (* indicates Certified Organic Ingredients)



Snuggled Up, Nested Bean Style

Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for a review; however, my review is 100% my honest opinion.

Hi Y’all! My daughter has always been a good sleeper. Ever since she was two months old she has been sleeping at least 8 hours a night. We are blessed!! When she was a newborn she would sleep with her swaddle and then she grew too big for them. We exchanged her swaddle for a blanket, I know gasps and oh no’s can ensue. I’ve read countless articles about why this is bad and I’ve seen countless stories of babies strangling themselves, so I axed the blanket at night. I didn’t want anything to happen that was preventable. Emersyn started waking up because she was cold and wanted to be snuggled.

I had seen the advertisements on Facebook for Nested Bean Zen Sack Classic and figured I should give it a try. The Nested Bean is designed to make the baby think that the mother or father’s hand is still near. There is a light weighted area on their chest that resembles the touch of their parent. This helps baby sleep longer too!

My little girl never sleeps in one spot; she gets that from her momma. I will put her down at the front of her crib and somehow she wakes up on the other side of the crib. I love the Nested Bean Zen Sack because I don’t have to worry about blankets coming off and her little body getting cold. She also loves her Nested Bean Sleep Sack. She calms down as soon I put her in her sleep sack. She knows it’s a part of her bedtime routine. As a mom, there are so many sleep sacks to choose from. I would definitely choose the nested Bean every time. The adjustable snaps at the top will allow my daughter to grow with it and the material is soft and breathable.


If you’re a mom looking for a sleep sack, go check out their website, Nested Bean !  There are tons of cute designs and this purchase can mean longer naps, sleeping through the night, and more sleep for momma and daddy!



Flip, Stick, Tether

Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for a review; however, my review is 100% my honest opinion.

Hi y’all! I come to you today with probably the greatest invention that I’ve recently discovered. Two weeks ago I was attempting to eat dinner while Emersyn played the game of, let’s see how many times I can throw this toy on the floor. She thought it was so much fun, I on the other hand had the pleasure of constantly picking the toys up. Later that night I happened to be browsing Instagram when I came across a product called, Grapple. The Grapple Toy Tether is a silicone apple shaped toy that you can suction to a highchair, window, table, just about any flat surface!  When the apple flips up there are little tethers that come out that you can strap toys to. I was intrigued and was pretty sure I found the answer to my prayers.  I clicked on their website and read the story of how the Grapple came about. A mom and dad sitting at their dinner table growing tired of picking up toys that their little one would throw on the floor. If this doesn’t describe every family with a baby than I would be shocked.

When we received the product it was super easy to figure out. You simply flip the top of the apple up and unravel the tethers, attach your toys, stick to a flat surface, and bam you have taken away the fun throw and pick up game! I truly and honestly love this product; it has helped make highchair time so much easier. If you can’t tell from the pictures, Emersyn also loves the Grapple!

I believe in small shops and also regular people making a product to solve an issue they are familiar with as a parent. This product came from parents who wanted to find a solution to something that all parents go through.

The cost isn’t bad either, only $19.99 to save your sanity!

If you’re pregnant or currently have a little one go to, Grapple Toy Tether and look around. I promise you will want to try the Grapple out. This will be one of my gifts for every baby shower I go to! Anyone else use and love the Grapple?