OXO Tot Nest Booster Seat

Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for a review; however, my review is 100% my honest opinion.

Hi Y’all! When I first started blogging I had a little six month old baby and now I have a 16 month old TODDLER. How is this real life?! When you’re told that they grow up quickly they weren’t lying. Obviously, with age comes new fun adventures and of course new needs. My sweet Em was getting restless and tired of sitting in her highchair, she saw all of the big people (adults) sitting at the kitchen table and she wanted in on the fun. My mom had suggested to me that I find her a booster seat and see how it goes. I began searching, for 1. Is she old enough for a booster? and 2. What brand should I get- that’s when I came across OXO TotOXO Tot had a booster called, Nest Booster Seat. This booster was safe for babies starting at nine months old! A feature that really stuck out to me was the high back on the booster and the material was said to make for an easy cleanup! That’s music to any parents’ ears.

When the Nest Booster Seat arrived I was beyond excited to unbox it and get my girl sitting at the big table. I couldn’t even take it out of the box before my daughter was trying to climb in to sit on it. The installation is extremely easy as well! You take the straps out of the storage strap under the seat, take the first strap and buckle it under the chair, take the second strap and buckle it behind the chair, and tighten the straps so that the booster seat doesn’t move. My daughter was squealing with excitement to get put in it. I put her in, strapped her in, and she was smiling with excitement and ready to eat!

A couple of things I noticed that I truly love about this Nest Booster Seat is how nice the material is that the child sits on- it’s soft enough so that the child is comfortable and the material is easy to clean up/wipe down. We had pasta the other night and of course, it went everywhere! All it took was a simple wipe down with one of Em’s wipes and it was clean. The handle in the back of the chair allows for you to easily carry the booster seat as well. I know I mentioned the higher back earlier but seeing my daughter sitting in the OXO Tot booster made me realize why they make it with a higher back, it allowed my daughter more support and comfort to lean back on.

Any parents’ looking for a booster seat, I HIGHLY recommend the OXO Tot Nest Booster Seat. This product is well made and provides comfort and safety for your kiddo on their new adventure on the big girl/boy chair.



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  1. Booster seats are the best! A total must-have! This one looks really easy and secure- I love how it allows Baby to sit at the table and join in! Love it!

  2. This looks like a very good quality chair. We have a cheapo booster seat and it is not at all as sturdy as this one looks. I think I will look this company up. Thanks so much for sharing.

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