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Hi Y’all! It’s officially summer; however, if you live in a warm place like I do, it’s already been in the 90’s-100’s for a month. It is hot and the second you walk outside it’s instant sweat mode. Since we live in Texas we spend most of our summers in the pool, which most of the time feels like bath water! I have been on the hunt for a good bathing suit with coverage for Emersyn’s baby skin. I stumbled across a company called, SwimZip. They sell bathing suits, including mommy suits in the same fabric as your littles swimsuit- how adorable is that?! As I read more about the company I noticed that they make their swimsuits with material that provides 50+ UPF. (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) That means that these swimsuits will only allow about 1/50th of the sun’s UV rays through the fabric.

When I received Emmie’s swimsuit I was eager to put it on her and jump in the pool. One of the first things I noticed was how soft the fabric was, it was also not a heavy thick fabric. I was thinking the fabric would be heavy since the swimsuit provides 50+ UPV. To my surprise the fabric was breathable yet still did the job of protecting my little girl’s skin. My favorite feature of Emmie’s SwimZip swimsuit—the zipper feature to get her top on and off! Trying to get Emmie in her swimsuit after her sunscreen on is typically a struggle it gets stuck and then bunched up. The SwimZip suit Emmie has zips and unzips in the front—it’s as simple as that.

SwimZip has been making some big releases the last couple of months including women’s and men’s swimsuits. They have adorable styles that also help protect you from the sun. The best part is they are all affordable! I highly suggest that if you’re on the hunt for a functional, protective, and stylish swimsuit that you check out SwimZip! (They have also been featured on Shark Tank!)

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  1. This post was just what I’ve been looking for! We are going on a beach vacation in September and I’ve been looking for a great swimsuit with high SPF for my little one. Thank you!

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