Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for a review; however, my review is 100% my honest opinion.

Hi Y’all!! It has been a busy couple of months getting ready for this new baby girl who is about to join our family! When I found out I was pregnant with Emersyn I researched every and all products for babies/kids. This time around I may be an experienced parent, but I still turned to my trusty google search and began typing away. I wanted to know all about products that help make life easier with a baby, especially since I was going to also have a toddler.

That is when I came across the CoralUV. One thing I noticed with having a toddler in preschool is that germs are spread and when one kiddo gets sick, they all get sick! The CoralUV helps eliminate those pesky little germs that wreck big havoc on your kiddos immune system. The CoralUV uses an ultraviolet C light to kill 99.9% of germs. The best part about this device is it is safe for even your phone! Have you ever actually thought about how nasty your phone gets?! And as parents we all know our kids have that one toy that they love and take everywhere, the CoralUV is safe for that toy as well- no worry of melting or damaging electronics since it uses the ultraviolet C light. Side note- when my sister came over who is a nurse at a hospital and saw my CoralUV she goes, “We use UV lights at work to kill germs too!”


As a soon to be second time mom to a newborn I found another feature of the CoralUV to be extra helpful. Not only does the CoralUV have an ultraviolet light to kill germs it also has a drying feature. Those annoying bottle dryers that take forever to actually dry the bottles and takes up the entire counter- can now be thrown away! The CoralUV drying feature dries the bottles without making them too hot to touch after it is done. Also, if you have a curious kiddo who wants to open the CoralUV while it’s in use- no need to worry the CoralUV turns off as soon as it is opened. And the warming feature doesn’t get too hot so it won’t cause any burns if a little hand were to touch it.

I would HIGHLY recommend the CoralUV to any parent. The advanced technology makes life much easier and cleaner. See below for my discount code and comment if you have any questions….. I promise you’ll love it!

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