Please Eat!

Hi Y’all! So I wanted to ask for any advice that y’all may have! My baby girl just turned seven months and definitely does not enjoy eating. We made her green beans first and she didn’t mind them that much but she isn’t crazy about, sweet potatoes, avocado, peas, or carrots. (So basically every food she’s tried!) She will eat maybe one or two bites and be done. I called the doctor and she suggested feeding her as soon as she wakes up instead of a bottle, this way she isn’t full when she eats. Unfortunately, baby E still made her face, like we were feeding her dog food. I have read about baby led weaning but I’m not sure if it’s too late to try that. She shows a lot of interest when she sees us eating, so I figured why not feed her then, but she wants my food and not the pureed stuff. The doctor said by nine months she should be eating 3 meals, and I’m worried we won’t be there in the next two months. Did anyone else have this issue? Any suggestions? If you did try baby led weaning please let me know how it went!

Judging Mom

Last night I was scrolling through Instagram when I came across a picture of a mom laying with her son in bed. It was a beautiful capture. I scrolled and read the caption that she was actually breastfeeding; I thought that makes the picture even sweeter. Then I scrolled and saw the comments. Some of them were just awful, commenting on how she was thin so she must leave her child with a nanny while she worked out, etc. It broke my heart for the mother in the picture. Not once did that ever cross my mind, I never thought about her weight and what she looked like, I noticed the simplicity and beauty of the photo and the representation it had on motherhood.

In the nine months I was pregnant I gained 29 lbs. I was in the “normal” range and I was happy about that. I had Emersyn and three days later came home to try on my pre-pregnancy pants to see if they would fit, to my surprise I couldn’t get them past my hips. I was devastated as I put my maternity pants back on. But why? My body just gave birth and I had this unrealistic expectation that my body would suddenly lose 29 lbs that took 9 months to gain, in the matter of three days. It took time and honestly I ignored it and focused on my daughter. Flash forward 6 months and I’m now 2 lbs less than my pre-pregnancy weight and I’m proud. With that said there are women who don’t lose the weight right away or ever for that matter and that’s fine. I will never judge a mom based on the weight she gained/lost. I will never judge a mom period. That is not my place. We don’t know what that individual has gone through or is going through. We all have struggles and dealing with negative comments from other mom’s should never be one of them. I’m sure there are still plenty of momma’s who have a few extra pregnancy pounds left or momma’s who can’t keep weight on, but you know what, that doesn’t make her any less of a mom. Being a mom is hard work and the last thing any of us mom’s need to do is feel bad about ourselves. We created life and in some cases adopted life. We are raising tiny people to be decent human beings and how are we supposed to do that when grown moms are making those hateful comments. We need to stick together, there is enough hate in the world that we are trying to protect our kids from. We are a group of powerful women, we are raising the future. I hope that my little girl will grow up to show love to others and acceptance, never hate. I never want to be the reason my daughter learned to have hatred towards others. So please ladies be respectful, understanding and judgment free. We’re all beautiful and in our kids eyes, we are the greatest people, live up to that.


Baby Booty


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Hi Y’all! I’ve had some questions from some other momma’s on what diapers I use. This is a loaded question because we’ve tried many. I have outlined them all below along with my review. What we are currently using is The Honest Company diapers. I absolutely love them and would recommend them to anyone. When I was pregnant I knew I wanted to use the least amount of chemicals on/around Emersyn. (I know, I’m one of those mom’s) I did a lot of research and found that The Honest Company diapers are plant based diapers made without chlorine or bleach processing. These diapers are also made without latex, synthetic fragrances or lotions.  Only downside is, these diapers are more expensive. They do offer a bundle option that costs $79 for six packs of diapers and four wipes. (Normally those wipes are a whopping $4.99 each!) However, they run frequent promotions and often have a discount code. Another great place to buy these diapers is at Target. Target runs a promotion on their Cartwheel app that is usually for 20%. They also sometimes offer a $10 giftcard with a purchase of two boxes of diapers. This makes each diaper. 25. GREAT DEAL! Plus it doesn’t hurt that they have such cute designs for each season. Also, if you do the bundle you can schedule diaper delivery each month! Extremely convienent.

Diapers we’ve used:

Huggies- Little Snugglers: We used these for the first couple of months really liked them. Em didn’t have any blow outs or leaks (until she got older and was sleeping 11 hours at night.) The diapers were thick and had the yellow line to indicate if she was wet or not.

Huggies- little Snugglers

Huggies- Snug & Dry- I was not a big fan of these, I felt like they were thinner than the Little Snugglers and didn’t hold as much, which in turn meant we were going through diapers more often. They would also leave the little gel balls on Emmie.

Huggies- Overnight Diapers- I REALLY recommend these for babies who sleep through the night. Emmie has never leaked out of these and she doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night needing a diaper change. I haven’t switch these over yet and we continue to use these.

Huggies Overnights

Luvs- I would not recommend these diapers, I don’t feel like they hold a lot and we had to change Emmie almost immediately after she went. We didn’t finish using the bag we bought and switched back to Huggies.


Pampers- Pampers wasn’t my favorite. The diaper would leave little marks on Emmies hiney and I wasn’t crazy about that. I also think she was sensitive to these and caused her to have a little bit of a diaper rash. Other mom’s love Pampers, so they may just not have worked for Emersyn’s skin.


Honest Company- We LOVE these, like I mentioned in the post above, these are plant based diapers. They come in adorable prints and fit Em well. She doesn’t leak out of them and we don’t have to constantly change her. (She does have the occasional blow out but unfortunately those aren’t avoidable, gross but unavoidable.)

Honest Company Diapers

Out of every diaper we used, I would highly recommend, Huggies- Little Snugglers and The Honest Company. What diapers do you all use on your little baby bums?